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Nanophysique et Semiconducteurs

by Bernard_Gay-Para - published on , updated on

Contact principal : Alexia Auffèves
Autres contacts : Jean-Philipe Poizat
Henri Mariette

Description des activités de recherche :

The group is a joint group between the Institut NéelCNRS / University J. Fourier, and the Institute for Nanoscience and Cryogenics of the CEA-Grenoble.

On the theory side, we revisit quantum optics in the solid state and the potential of artificial atoms on chip for nano-photonics and quantum information. Such devices are naturally coupled to various environments, which can turn out to be resources specific to condensed matter. Our systems of interest range from quantum dots in cavities or photonic wires, to superconducting qubits in circuit QED. Work is performed in close collaboration with experimentalists and theorists of quantum optics, within the network of national and international collaborations.
On the experimental side, our activities are related to photonics, spintronics and quantum information processing using semiconductor heterostructures. The two major fields of research developed in the group are (i) the growth of semiconductor nanostructures – namely quantum dots, nanowires, quantum wells and their incorporation in optical microcavities, and (ii) the optical study of new physical phenomena resulting from the reduction of the size of these objects. We are especially involved in the manipulation and the detection of individual photons and/or spins. The studies are carried out with a view to opening up new paths for future applications in nanoelectronics, spin-electronics and photonics.

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