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Presentation of the GDR

In this section can be found a general introduction of the GDR - IQFA (n° 3322), as well as more details about its aims, head and board, and administration.


The fundamental properties of quantum physics are now considered as resources for a new the research field of Quantum Information. In this context, one can find various protocols for secured (...)

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Aims of the GDR IQFA

After a year of transition, the birth of a new GDR, supported by the INP and INSIS CNRS Institutes, with which quantum information community is mostly associated, appeared to be essential. The (...)

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Head and scientific committee

Head :
Scientific head : Anaïs Dréau
Deputy Director : Alexei Ourjoumtsev
Board : contact all the board members
Audrey Bienfait
Chargée de Recherche au CNRS
ENS Lyon
Juliette Billy (...)

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Administration and contact

Administrative manager : Nathalie Koulechoff WEB manager : Bernard Gay-Para Contact us at contact_email
Do not hesitate to send us your advertisements concerning conferences and workshop you (...)

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Financial, administrative, and technical support

The GDR - IQFA is financially supported by the CNRS Institutes of Physics (INP) and of System Science & Engineering (INSIS). The obtained amount of money helps organizing IQFA’s colloquiums (...)

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