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by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

The fundamental properties of quantum physics are now considered as resources for a new the research field of Quantum Information. In this context, one can find various protocols for secured exchange of information labeled with the generic name of "quantum communication" and other protocols related to quantum information processing gathered under the name of "quantum computing". This young research field, lying at the interface of physics, computer science, mathematics and chemistry, has been driven by a strong internationally effort over the past fifteen years, with substantial rates of publications, patents, but also in terms of committed researchers. Quantum Information is now recognized as a full-fledged specialty, which motivated the formation of new teams. It is also a source of significant progress, both in terms of fundamental and applied technology, allowing for instance to coherently write and manipulate various quantum systems.

With the help of the CNRS, the French community of Quantum Information got structured with the birth of the groupement de recherche "Quantum Information and Communication" (GDR-2285, Director: Jean-Philippe Poizat) over the years 2000-2008. Symposia organized by previous GDR had different objectives. On the one hand, they have gathered various actors of Quantum Information, from the above mentioned communities coming from within and beyond the national borders hanks to the participation of many foreign researchers. On the other hand, the seminars have helped to forge links between these actors ranging from simple collaboration to the proposal of joint projects submitted to French and European funding agencies.This GDR was also a transmission relay of important information such as recruitment opportunities or symposia and conferences events taking place both in France or abroad.

Eventually, when it was renewed in 2004, a wider opening toward of the GDR toward computer science had provided a significant thematic improvement. On the basis of all these points, it is agreed thatt he GDR has fulfilled its role of knowledge-sharing support. All the participants have expressed their satisfaction with past conferences and are willing to see these actions continue.

The Research Network IQFA, supported by the CNRS Institutes of Physics (INP), Science of Engineering & Systems (INSIS), and Computer Science (INS2I), gathers more than 50 laboratories. It is globally more than 70 teams interested in the actions to be undertaken within the framework of this GDR over the next four years. You will find in these web pages information on these laboratories and teams as well as contacts for each of them.