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Photons & Nanosystems

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Main contact: Brahim Lounis

Research activities:

Our research is focussed on the optical detection, spectroscopy and analysis of single nano-objects with applications ranging from quantum optics to neurosciences :

  • Low-temperature single-molecule spectroscopy
  • Single CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals spectroscopy
  • Photothermal detection of individual non-fluorescent nano-objects
  • Single walled carbon nanotube spectroscopy at the single tube lebel
  • Single nanoparticle tracking in live cells
  • Dynamics of glutamate receptors in live neurons (collab. Choquet lab, Univ. Bordeaux 2)

For more information: see online Nanosystems @ LP2N