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Computation, Algorithms, Programs, and Proofs (CAPP)

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Main contact: Simon Perdrix
Other contacts: Mehdi Mhalla

Research activities:
We are members of the CAPP (Calculi, Algorithms, Programs, Proofs)
group, in the Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble, who share a common
interest in Quantum Computation and Information.

Our main focus is on studying models of quantum computation:

  • Measurement-based QC: development of specific algorithmics, complexity, protocols, fault tolerant schemes for the one-way model and other MBQC models
  • Quantum cellular automata: block representation, unitarity, intrinsic universality, symmetries
  • Formal models and abstract machines for QC: measurement calculus, quantum Turing machines, quantum lambda calculus, quantum functional languages, quantum process algebra

Within these models we contribute to the study of:

  • Theory of entanglement: graph states, measures of entanglement, static analysis of entanglement in quantum languages via type systems and related logics
  • Simulation of quantum operators: direct synthesis of unitaries and Hamiltonians in various QC models
  • Semantics for quantum computation: quantum data and control, dynamic quantum logics, quantum type systems
  • Mathematical and logical foundations: generalised Bloch representation, quantum and classical information flow, category theory

For more information: see online CAPP @ LIG