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Nonlinear Optical Devices (DON)

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Main contact: Giuseppe Leo
Other contacts: Ivan Favero

Research activities:

The Non-linear Optical Devices (DON) team’s research activity focuses on the design and study of innovative semiconductor optical devices, at the crossroads between non-linear optics, quantum physics, semiconductor physics and optomechanics.

These devices include : semiconductor optical parametric micro-oscillators (micro-OPOs for spectroscopy, telecommunications), integrated twin photon sources (for quantum information processing), interband or inter-subband infrared detectors (quantum cascade detectors) and micro and nano-optomechanical devices (tiny mechanical oscillators under optical control).

The know-how of the DON team covers optics, integrated optics, quantum optics, non-linear optics, optomechanics, laser physics, semiconductor physics (transport and linear and non-linear properties), semiconductor micro and nanofabrication, optical micro and nanostructures (photonic crystals, microcavities, wave guides, plasmonics). These broad competences have been gathered by bringing together researchers with different backgrounds, but also thanks to the close connection with the Thales company, which played a important role in the "devices" approach of the team. This approach is now combined with our basic research aims.

For more information: see online DON