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Mesoscopic physics

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Contact principal : Fabrice Mortessagne
Autres contacts : Olivier Legrand
Ulrich Kuhl
Valérie Doya
Claire Michel
Mathieu Bellec

Research activities:

In the field of wave propagation in complex media, the team "Mesoscopic Physics" takes advantage of the relevant association of numerical modeling (FDTD, finite element method, BPM) and proof-of-principle experiments based on optics, acoustics, and micro-wave techniques. Homogeneous media associated with chaotic geometries, as well as highly scattering heterogeneous media are investigated.

A particular interest is given to loss-induced effects on the resonances nature observed in either real (chaotic media) or effective (scattering media) cavities. Anderson localization, chaotic scattering in open media, and wave chaos in guided-wave optics schemes are therefore studied.

Non-linear processes have recently gained our attention: when associated with disorder they lead to speckle instabilities and to the exciting concept of “random lasers”. When chaotic systems are specifically considered, these effects also come with very interesting physical mechanisms, for instance, the manipulation of scar modes in chaotic fibers having gain media spatially localized. MOSAIQ is currently developing an original approach to the problem of electron transport in graphene by considering electromagnetic wave transport through dielectric resonators arranged in 2D lattices.

For more information: see online PhysMeso @ LPMC