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Nonlinear Integrated Optics

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Main contact: Marc P. de Micheli
Other contacts: Pascal Baldi
Pierre Aschiéri

Research activities:

For optical components elaboration, the team "Photonics" takes advantage of fully-equipped technical facilities. More specifically, original doped fibers are obtained using both a MCVD based preform center and a fiber draw-tower. We also have a technical platform dedicated to the fabrication of lithium niobate based integrated optical chips.

The originality of the developed fiber lies in both their guidance (complex refraction index profiles) and spectroscopy properties (doping with rare-earth luminescent ions or with transition metallic ions). Noticeably, further inclusion of nano-particles in the core should not only improve the latter but also permit employing such doped fibers in future telecom fiber-based lasers and amplifiers. Regarding integrated linear and non-linear integrated optical chips, MOSAIQ has developed technical skills combining a proprietary process for waveguide fabrication and usual phase-matching engineering available on lithium niobate. This permitted the achievement of highly efficient frequency down- and up-converters, having for instance applications in standard non-linear optics (integrated OPOs, cascading, etc.) as well as in quantum communication (single photon detectors, photon-pair generators, etc.).

This research activity is now heading towards the realization of new coherent optical sources, the study and fabrication of photonic crystal based components, and the design and utilization of integrated optical chips dedicated to long-distance guided-wave quantum communication.

For more information: see online Photonics @ LPMC