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CEA LETI’s teams

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on

Main contact : Maud Vinet
Other contacts : Barbara De Salvo
Jean-Charles Barbé
Sylvain Barraud
Louis Hutin
Christian Gamrat
Agustin Palacios Laloy
Gaël Pillonnet
Sylvie Menezo
Carlo Reita
Stéphanie Robinet
Alexei Tchelnokov

Research activities:

LETI’s research activities on quantum activities span various aspects:

  • CMOS based Silicon quantum bits (Louis Hutin, Sylvain Barraud, JC Barbé & Maud Vinet)
    We are engaged in the development of silicon spin qubits towards truly scalable realizations resting on industrial-level CMOS technology. This project takes advantage of coexisting state-of-the-art capabilities in the domain of silicon CMOS technology and quantum nanoelectronics. We also focus on realistic modeling of electronic confinement in silicon nanostructures. For example, numerical simulations using self-consistent Green’s functions in the effective-mass approximation are used to understand the formation of corner quantum dots in silicon nanowire MOSFETs. To address the modeling of Coulomb interactions in qubits devices, we are implementing Hubbard-like models coupled to Green’s functions or configuration interaction methods. We work in collaboration with CEA-INAC, CNRS-Néel and various European universities within H2020 framework.
  • Digital and analog low T° electronics design and quantum core interface (Gael Pillonet & Stéphanie Robinet)
    We are involved in the development of cryogenic-to-room temperature electronics based on standard CMOS silicon technology in order to get the classic periphery interface as close as possible to the quantum core.
  • Atom based sensors (Augustin Palacios Laloy & Matthieu Le Prado)
    We develop optically pumped hot atoms magnetometers. Those magnetometers are highly miniaturiazed and use Leti integration capabilities. Our roadmap leverages Leti integration capabilities to extend the technology to optically pump gyroscope and cold atoms opto-electronic sensors.
  • Quantum photonics (Sylvie Menezo & Alexei Tchelnokov)
    Technological learning generated from integrated photonics (integrated laser, waveguide, modulators…) is used to support single photon based experiments.

For more information : see online LETI