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Adversary calculation theory, and security (CARTE)

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Main contact : Simon Perdrix
Other contacts : Emmanuel Jeandel
Luc Sanselme

Research activities:

We are members of the Inria Project Team CARTE at LORIA, interest in Quantum Computation and Information.
Our main focus is on studying models of quantum computation: measurement-based quantum computation, quantum cellular automata, formal models and abstract machines for QC (e.g., measurement calculus, quantum Turing machines, quantum lambda calculus). Within these models we contribute to the study of:

  • Theory of entanglement: graph states, measures of entanglement.
  • Mathematical and logical foundation: categorical axiomatisation of quantum mechanics, quantum and classical information flow, semantics for quantum computation.
  • Quantum cryptography: quantum secret sharing.

For more information: see online CARTE @ LORIA