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Quantum information and Technologies (QITE)

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Main contact: Perola Milman
Other contacts: Sara Ducci
Luca Guidoni
Thomas Coudreau

Research activities:

The counter intuitive properties of quantum mechanics, as entanglement, for instance, can be used to design information and telecommunication processing protocols with substantial advantages over the analogous classical ones. The experimental efforts in this direction have already led to the emergence of technologies devoted to quantum information and to many quantum devices performing specific tasks.
Light is the natural vehicle for the transmission of information, while matter is better suited for its storage and handling. Both platforms are currently developed in the Qite team, that designed semiconductor sources of quantum correlated photons and laser cooled trapped ions experiments. The team’s efforts are focused on the integration of these two devices on chip and to their application to quantum information and the study of its foundations. This research is cosely connected to technological developments in a clean room.
In parallel to these experimental axis, the Qite team develops a theoretical axis that is positioned in a multidisciplinary context combining fundamental aspects of entanglement and experimental developments.

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