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Nanospintronics and Molecular Transport

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Main contact: Wolfgang Wernsdorfer
Other contact : Franck Balestro

Research activities:

A revolution in electronics is in view, with the contemporary evolution of two novel disciplines, spintronics and molecular electronics. A fundamental link between these two fields can be established using molecular magnetic materials and, in particular, single-molecule magnets, which combine the classic macroscale properties of a magnet with the quantum properties of a nanoscale entity. The resulting field, molecular spintronics aims at manipulating spins and charges in electronic devices containing one or more molecules.
In this context, the main objective of our group is to lay the foundation of this revolution and hence to fabricate, characterize and study molecular devices (molecular spin-transistor, molecular spin-valve and spin filter, molecular double-dot devices, carbon nanotube nano-SQUIDs, etc.) in order to read and manipulate the spin states of the molecule and to perform basic quantum operations.
The visionary concept of our project is underpinned by worldwide research on molecular magnetism and supramolecular chemistry, our long experience in molecular magnetism, our membership in FP6 MAGMANet NoE, several research projects ANR, ERC, etc. and collaboration with outstanding scientists in the close environment of the team. During the last year, our team has already demonstrated the first important results in this new research area :

For more information: see online NanoSpin @ Néel