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Optomechanics and Quantum Measurements

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on

Main contact: Antoine Heidmann
Other contacts: Pierre-François Cohadon
Tristan Briant
Samuel Deléglise
Thibaut Jacqmin

Research activities :

The Optomechanics and Quantum Measurements group at LKB is studying the interaction mediated by radiation pressure between light and mechanical resonators. Our goals include overcoming the quantum limits at stake in high-precision interferometric measurements, such as gravitational wave interferometers, or realizing quantum-coherent transducers based on nanomechanical systems.
Our group is interested in optomechanical coupling to (i) understand how quantum measurement limits are enforced, (ii) apply optomechanical techniques for quantum information processing and (iii) show how quantum limits can be beaten by applying squeezed states of light, in particular in the context of the gravitational-wave Virgo collaboration. For these purposes, we have built and are operating a number of table-top optomechanical experiments using different mechanical resonators of sizes ranging from the macro- down to the nanoscale. These experiments are performed from room temperature down to dilution cryogenic temperatures (base temperature of 30 mK). The setups include quantum-limited laser sources, low-noise optical detection schemes, high-quality mechanical resonators, low-loss optical coatings, and vacuum/cryogenic environments.

For more information : see online Optomécanique et mesures quantiques