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Quantum Optics - LKB

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Main contact: Nicolas Treps
Other contacts: Claude Fabre
Elisabeth Giacobino
Alberto Bramati
Julien Laurat
Quentin Glorieux
Valentina Parigi

Research activities:

The group research area is centered on the specifically quantum properties of light produced by many different optical systems. Experimental and theoretical works on the shaping of light quantum fluctuations, on the generation of quantum correlations and entangled states, interaction between quantum light and mater, in the regime where single photons are not distinguishable.

The rapidly growing field of quantum information requires in particular specific resources to operate its protocols. The group puts lots of efforts in the realization of key quantum sources such as non-classical light, quantum memories and quantum repeaters. In this very competitive area, the group has proposed and developed many original contributions.

Recently, the group has extended the study of quantum effects in optical systems to the more general thematics of multimode quantum optics where one handle simultaneously many degrees of freedom and thus possibly a huge amount of information. From new concepts to the improvement of highly sensitive measurement and information processing, the group explore this thematic in the spatial, temporal and frequency domains.

For more information: see online Quantum Optics @ LKB