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Ultracold Fermi Gases

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on

Main contact : Christophe Salomon
Other contacts : Yvan Castin
Christine Guerlin

Research activities:

Our group studies the physics of ultracold Fermi gases in a regime where the interplay between interactions and quantum statistics gives rise to strong correlations between particles. At low temperature, the collective behavior of these interacting particles leads to dramatic effects, such as superfluidity, the analog for neutral particles of superconductivity. While strongly correlated Fermi systems are ubiquitous in Nature and modern materials, they are notoriously difficult to tackle theoretically. Our experiments provide quantum simulators of generic or unconventional Hamiltonians where precision measurements of static and dynamic properties are accessible. The combination of our experimental and theoretical expertise aims at improving our understanding of strongly correlated quantum matter. This research lies at an interesting interface between atomic physics, condensed matter, and particle physics.

For more information : see online Ultracold Fermi gases @ LKB->]