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Fermions Fortement Corrélés

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Contact principal : Didier Poilblanc
Autres contacts : Fabien Alet

Description des activités de recherche :

The study of Strongly Correlated Systems has offered many surprises over the last 20 years resulting in a very active research area, from both experimental and theoretical points of view. By the nature of the problems, it is moreover a research field where the interaction between theory and experiments is very strong.
One of the most striking demonstration of strong correlations is unconventional superconductivity [1]. In parallel of the superconductivity phenomenon, strong correlations lead to many other exotic behaviours. For instance, the Mott insulating phase, from which high temperature superconductors derive, displays many striking properties and reveals deep theoretical problems at low temperature.
The above figure represents one of the most important features of our research activity : try to understand the relationship between the Mott insulators magnetic properties (especially when they are frustrated) and the exotic phases (including superconductivity) that show up with the introduction of mobile charges.

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