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Contact principal : Dima Shepelyansky
Autres contacts : Bertrand Georgeot

Research activities :

Technological progress leads to the realization of computer operations on smaller and smaller scales. This will eventually create a situation in which the communication, information and computation processes will be governed by quantum mechanics instead of classical mechanics. Therefore, the problem arises to design computers which will operate on the basis of quantum mechanical laws. In this frame the enormous parallelism allowed by the quantum entanglement opens new horizons for information control. Information search of large databases becomes of great importance.
The aims of the Center are:

  • to investigate the properties and possible applications of realistic quantum computers,
  • to study their operability in the presence of decoherence and physical imperfections,
  • to develop efficient quantum algorithms,
  • to elaborate methods to improve the accuracy of quantum computation and to investigate general properties of quantum information and quantum communication,
  • to study quantum dynamics on small scales.
  • to study complexity of large matrices

For more information: see online Quantware