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Nonlinear Photonics and Quantum Information

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Main contact: Juan Ariel Levenson
Other contacts: Kamel Bencheikh
Nadia Belabas-Plougonven

Research activities:

Research activities of the PHOTONIQ group have as a common denominator the study and implementation of optical nonlinear and quantum effects. Our activities follow four main research axis :

  • Nonlinear photonic crystals and circuits (AgileCP)
    Thgrouh third order nonlinear effects, that give a handle on the optical reconfiguration of photonic crystals, these 2D systems become powerfull platforms for the all optical processing. We design, fabricate and study, via optical experiments, semiconductor 2D nonlinear photonic crystals.
  • Nonlinear photonic crystal-based microgenerators (SourcesCP)
    We aim to design, fabricate and use novel micro and nano structured semiconductor materials (photonic crystals, microcavities, ...) in order to optimize parametric frequency convertors based on second order nonlinear interactions.
  • Quantum information (Info-Quant)
    We aim to develop and implement all solid nonlinear systems for quantum information processing using continuos variables. Among them are those based on parametric amplifiers for quantum cryptography and those using rare earth ions doped crystals for slow light propagation and quantum memories.
  • Near optical field and nonlinear optics in microstructured fibers (FibreMicro)
    Near field optical microscopy is implemented in optical fibers having a periodic microstruraction of the cladding (MOF) in order to study and develop ultracompact network of waveguides working both in the linear and the nonlinear regime.

For more information: see online PHOTONIQ