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Main contact: Béatrice Chatel
Other contacts: Bertrand Girard

Research activities:

The activities of the "femtosecond spectroscopy and coherent control" group are oriented towards studies of ultrafast dynamics in atoms, molecules and the control of these dynamics. The control tools are sequences of ultrashort pulses, chirped pulses or shaped pulses. They are mostly used in an "open loop" approach in which the laser shape is designed on the basis of a theoretical analysis of the desired objective.

In a supplementary approach, the propagation effects of ultrashort pulses in atomic media close to resonance are studied as well as their control.

The laser system available is partly commercial and partly home-made. It consists mainly of

  • An Amplified Laser System : 3mJ, 30 fs, 1 kHz à 800 nm.
  • Two Noncolinear Optical Parametric Amplifiers (20 µJ, 25 fs, 1 kHz à 450 - 650 nm)
  • A liquid cristal pulse shaper (phase and amplitude, 2x 640 pixels) Two molecular beams are used for molecular dynamics studies : One with a quadrupole mass spectrometer and one with a velocity map imaging detector. Several cells and an oven is used for atomic studies.

For more information: Femto @ LCAR