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Newsletter n°6 / July 2012

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Newsletter n°6 / July 2012

Dear All,

— Two important points are outlined in the following —

1. Organization of the 2nd Workshop of the GDR - IQFA

We are pleased to announce
the organization of the 2nd Workshop of the GDR - IQFA that will take place in Grenoble.

- When ? 28th to 30th of November 2012;
- Where ? Institut Néel;
- Deadlines for registration and abstract submission: 30th of September 2012.

- The objective of the workshop is to gather all the various communities working in Quantum Information, and to permit, along 3 days, to exchange on both the foundations of, and recent advances in, the field.

- The workshop will be organized along 3 communication modes:

  • invited talks, having a clear pedagogical purpose, on the very foundations and most advanced applications of the field;
  • contributed talks on the current hot topics within the strategic thematics (ARTs) identified by the GDR - IQFA;
  • poster sessions to give the youngest the opportunity to present their work to the entire community, again within the strategic thematics (ARTs) identified by the GDR - IQFA.

- Confirmed invited speakers are:

  • Prof. Jörg Wrachtrup (Universtität Stuttgart),
  • Prof. Jiannis Pachos (University of Leeds),
  • Prof. Vlatko Vedral (National University of Singapore),
  • Prof. Matteo Paris (University of Milano),
  • Prof. Christian Roos (Universtität Innsbruck),
  • Prof. Nicolas Brunner (University of Bristol / University of Geneva),
  • Prof. Philip Walther (Universtität Vienna),
  • Prof. Alexander Kuzmich (Georgia Institute of Technology).

- To know all about this workshop, you are invited to click on the following links related to:

2. Reminder

The presentations of the tutorials and invited talks of the 1st workshop of the GDR in Pairs are online and available for download.

To view and download them, please follow the corresponding link Presentations of the Paris Colloquium available for download.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of participants in Grenoble, and wishing you a pleasant summer,

Best regards,



On behalf of the board of the GDR - IQFA.