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Newsletter n°1 / September 2010

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Newsletter n°1 / September 2010

Dear all,

We are honored and pleased to announce the creation of a new GDR dedicated to Quantum Information, related fundamentals and applications (GDR - IQFA).

This GDR, labelled as n°3322, is supported by the CNRS institutes for Physics (INP) and Engineering and System Sciences (INSIS), and will cover the period 2010 - 2013.

We would like provide you with some information regarding what has been and will be done within the framework of this GDR:

- You can still visit the dedicated website

— Link : GDR - IQFA

— This website is available both in French and in English.

— You will be able to find along these pages:

  • A presentation of the GDR, its board, aims, and claims.
  • The liste of the involved laboratories and teams. For each team, we have provided a list of permanent researchers plus a summary on the ongoing research activities.
    Please feel free to send the necessary and relevant modifications to gdriqfa_admin.
  • Some investigated thematics (ARTs - for Axes de Réflexion thématiques) that have been identified by the board as important and hot topics. Each ART is headed by two board members and will be discussed along roundtables during the GDR workshops. State-of-the-art documents will be available online and modified subsequently to these discussions.
  • Job opportunities (post-doc, Ph-D thesis, permanent positions) in the field of Quantum Information.
    We therefore invite you to send your proposals for online availability to gdriqfa_admin.
    This information channel will be yours!
  • Useful links to worldwide laboratories working in the field of Quantum Information, as well as to other groupings dedicated to Quantum Information.
    This section is of course non exhaustive and of your ideas are welcome.
  • A new section allowing to Subscribe/Unsubscribe the GDR -IQFA Newsletters will be soon available on the website.
    Thanks in advance to redirect this message to those who could be interested, especially to post-doctoral and Ph-D fellows.

- First colloquium of the GDR

This first colloquium will be held within the two last weeks of January 2011 and will most probably be organized at the University of Nice.
Following the idea to settle a common knowledge for all the different communities involved in Quantum Information, this colloquium will have the shape of a school with short courses and poster sessions centered around the ARTs.
More information will be provided in the newt weeks.

- To contact us

Best regards,

For the GDR - IQFA board