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Presentations of the Grenoble colloquium available for download

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Presentations of the Grenoble colloquium available for download

- You can find in the following the presentations, regarding both the invited tutorials lectures and contributed talks, that have been given during the 3rd colloquium of the GDR at Institut Néel - Grenoble. They are available for download.

- These presentations are outlined per Investigated Thematics (ARTs). The tittles of the presentations are preceded by the acronym of their related ART(s).

For more information on the ARTs, please follow this link ART.

ART Quantum Simulations & Processing - QSP
QP - Invited Lecture
"Topological quantum computation, Order through disorder"

Given by Jiannis Pachos (Uni. Leeds)
QP - Contributed talk
"Quantum information with Rydberg blocked ensembles"

Given by Etienne Brion (LAC, Orsay)
QP - Contributed talk
"Multimode homodyne detection as a tool for cluster states generation and gaussian quantum computation"

Given by Giulia Ferrini (LKB-ENS, Pairs)
ART Entanglement & Non Classical States - ENS
ENT - Invited Lecture
"Nonlocality in quantum physics and beyond"

Given by Nicolas Brunner (Dpt of Physics, Uni. Geneva)
ENT - Contributed Talk
"Generation and quantum correlations of the triplet photon state of light"

Given by Adrien Borne (Institut Néel-CNRS, Grenoble)
ENT - Contributed Talk
"A source of high-fidelity heralded single-photons and a novel hybrid witness for single-photon entanglement"

Given by Olivier Morin (LKB-ENS, Paris)
ART Quantum Communication - QCOM
QCOM - Invited Lecture
"Quantum Photonics Renaissance: from Quantum Clouds to Boson Sampling"

Given by Philip Walther (Faculty of Physics, Uni. Vienna)
QCOM - Contributed talk
"Experimental Demonstration of Long-distance Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution"

Given by Paul Jouguet (SeQureNet & LTCI, Paris)
QCOM - Contributed talk
"Bit Commitment with Quantum Continuous Variables"

Given by Aikaterini Mandilara (ISMO & Lab. MPQ Paris, and Uni. Libre Brussels)
ART New Qbit Devices - NQD
NDQG - Contributed talk
"A bright single-photon source based on a photonic trumpet"

Given by Julien Claudon (CEA - Institut Néel, Grenoble)
NDQG - Contributed talk
"From SWAP to C-phase gate regime in single spin qubits"

Given by Romain Thalineau (Institut Néel - CNRS, Grenoble)
NDQG - Contributed talk
"Electronic and nuclear spin in SMM for spin-Qbit generation"

Given by Matias Urdempilleta (Institut Néel - CNRS, Grenoble)
ART Coherent Manipulation of Qbits - CMQ
CMQ - Invited Lecture
"Quantum simulation with trapped ions: Engineering unitary+dissipative dynamics"

Given by Christian Roos (IQOQI, Innsbruck)
CMQ - Contributed talk
"Projective feedback on a superconducting qubit"

Given by Philippe Campagne-Ibarq (LPA-ENS, Paris)
CMQ - Contributed talk
"Microcavity controlled coherent coupling of quantum dots"

Given by Jacek Kasprzak (Institut Néel, Grenoble)
CMQ - Contributed talk
"Single-shot readout of single nuclear spins in diamond under ambient conditions"

Given by Anaïs Dréau (LPQM-ENS, Cachan)
ART Quantum Information Storage - QuIS
QS - Invited Lecture
"Quantum Memory, Single Photons, and a Nuclear Clock"

Given Alex Kuzmich (Georgia Tech)
QS - Contributed Talk
"Hybrid Quantum Circuit with a Superconducting Qubit coupled to a Spin Ensemble"

Given by Yuimaru Kubo (CEA, Saclay)
ART Quantum Metrology - QMET
QMES-DECO - Invited Lecture
"Quantum estimation for quantum technology"

Given by Matteo Paris (Uni. Milano)
QMES/DECO - Contributed Talk
"Dynamics of elementary quantum systems in an environment out of equilibrium"

Given by Bruno Bellomo (Uni. Montpellier)
QMES/DECO - Contributed Talk
"Cavity Optomechanics: toward quantum control of macroscopic devices"

Given by Aurélien Kuhn (LKB-ENS, Paris)
QMES/DECO - Contributed talk
"Determination of the T2 of the hole spin confined in a InAs / GaAs quantum dot by spin mode-locking"

Given by Maria Chamarro (INSP, Paris)
ART Quantum Information Foundations - FOUND
FOUND - Invited Lecture
"Maxwell’s daemon in the 21st century"

Given by Oscar Dahlsten (Uni. Oxford)
FOUND - Contributed Talk
"Entanglement-enabled delayed-choice experiement"

Given by Florian Kaiser (LPMC, Nice)
FOUND - Contributed Talk
"A device-independent test of an entropic uncertainty relation"

Given by Charles Ci Wen Lim (Uni. Geneva)
ART Autres contributions
OTHER - Contributed talk
"Controlling quantum light pulses with spectrally engineered χ(2)-nonlinear interactions"

Given by Andreas Eckstein (Lab. MPQ, Paris)
OTHER - Contributed talk
"Measurement of giant dispersive optical non-linearities in an ensemble of cold Rydberg atoms"

Given by Valentina Parigi (LCFIO, Palaiseau)