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Presentations of the 7th Colloquium (Télécom ParisTech) available for download

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- You can find in the following the presentations, regarding both the invited tutorials lectures and contributed talks, that have been given during the 7th colloquium of the GDR at Télécom ParisTech. They are available for download. You can find all the details of this colloquium by following this website’s link 7th Colloquium Télécom ParisTech.

- These presentations are outlined per Investigated Thematics (ARTs). The tittles of the presentations are preceded by the acronym of their related ART(s).

For more information on the ARTs, please follow this link ART.

Flagship session
Preparing the Quantum Technologies Flagship
by Tommaso Calarco, (Centre for Integrated Quantum Science and Technology Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart, Max-Planck Institute for Solid-state Research)
Flagship Quantum Technology Industry contribution
by Thierry Debuisschert, (Thales Research and Technology)
ART Fundamental Quantum Aspects - FQA
FQA - Invited Lecture
"An introduction to quantum thermodynamics", ­ S. Wehner
FQA - Invited Talk
"Light­matter interfacing with quantum dots : a polarization tomography approach", ­ P. Hilaire
FQA - Invited Talk
"Bell inequalities for maximally entangled states", ­ A. Salavrakos
FQA - Invited Talk
"Dipolar quantum droplets, a liquid from quantum correlations", ­ I. Ferrier­-Barbut
ART Quantum Communication & Cryptography - QCOM
QCOM - Invited Lecture
"Quantum Key Distribution : From the concept to a commercial application", ­ H. Zbinden
QCOM - Invited Talk
"Generation of temporally multiplexed pairs of photons with controllable delay in a crystal", ­ J. Etesse
QCOM - Invited Talk
"Trust, Security and Quantumness", ­ D. Markham
QCOM - Invited Talk
"Recent results in experimental satellite quantum communication", ­ D. Dequal
QCOM - Invited Talk
"Tunable single photon source with carbon nanotubes", ­ Y. Chassagneux
ART Quantum Metrology & Sensing - QMET
QMET - Invited Lecture
"Quantum sensors with matter waves", P. Bouyer
QMET - Invited Talk
"State-of-the-art cold atom gyroscope without dead time", R. Geiger
QMET - Invited Talk
"Electron spin resonance from NV centers in diamonds levitating in an ion trap", G. Hétet
QMET - Invited Talk
"Magnetic resonance with squeezed microwaves", P. Bertet
ART Quantum Processing, Algorithms, & Computation - QPAC
QPAC - Invited Lecture
"Quantum optimal control for quantum technologies", ­ T. Calarco
QPAC - Invited Talk
"Quantum information processing in phase space: A modular variables approach", ­ A. Ketterer
QPAC - Invited Talk
éQuantum walking in (3 + 1)-dimensional curved spacetime", M. Forets
QPAC - Invited Talk
"Tomography of mode-tunable coherent single- photon subtractor", Y.-S. Ra
ART Quantum Simulation - QSIM
QSIM - Invited Lecture
"New Frontiers in Quantum Optomechanics", M. Aspelmeyer
QSIM - Invited Lecture
"Spin qubits in semiconductors: an overview and outlook", D. Loss
QSIM - Invited Talk
"Measurements of spectral function of ultra-cold atoms in disordered potentials", M. Mukhtar
QSIM - Invited Talk
"Multimode circuit QED : Towards many-body physics", N. Roch
QSIM - Invited Talk
"Spreading of Quantum Correlations in Short- and Long-Range Interacting Systems", L. Sanchez-Palencia