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Fundamental Quantum Aspects - FQA

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

- Leaders

Cyril Branciard, Hanna Le Jeannic & Mattia Walschaers

- Aims of this thematic

Foundations were born along Gedanken experiments envisioned by the fathers of quantum mechanics to question the counter intuitive aspects of the theory.
Thanks to technological developments, some of these Gedanken experiments have been implemented experimentally, allowing for instance to discriminate between competing interpretations of the quantum formalism. Since then, emergence of information science has shed new light on the topics. Nowadays, entanglement stands as the cornerstone of quantum information development. Interaction between qbits, used for quantum computing, or long range interactions, used for quantum communications, are the most important examples. From its first experimental implementation, entanglement was demonstrated between many physical systems : simple or complex, matter or light, short or long range. Quality, robustness, and number of degree of freedoms are the key factors for entanglement to be useful in practical implementation of quantum information.

FQA currently represent a rich and active field where two main goals can be identified :

  • connecting quantum information to other branches of physics,
  • getting better insights into the meaning of the formalism.

The first line inscribes quantum information into a general framework of theories, and has opened various research fields, e.g. the derivation of quantum physics from first informational principles, or the very last investigations of the links between quantum information and thermodynamics. The second one aims to tame the quantum world, either by the direct experimental observation or by the theoretical investigation of its weird signatures. This ART will report on the last theoretical and experimental investigations of the field.