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Laboratoire de Physique Théorique (LPT)

LPT, UMR 5152 of CNRS / Paul Sabatier Unversity, Toulouse, France

Quantum Information at the LPT

At the LPT, the groups “Quantum Coherence” and “Strongly Correlated Fermions” are interested in quantum information. The “Quantum Coherence” group has its roots in quantum chaos and mesoscopic solid (...)

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Contact principal : Dima Shepelyansky Autres contacts : Bertrand Georgeot
Research activities :
Technological progress leads to the realization of computer operations on smaller and smaller (...)

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Strongly Correlated Systems

Main contact: Didier Poilblanc Other contacts: Fabien Alet
Research activities:
The study of Strongly Correlated Systems has offered many surprises over the last 20 years resulting in a very (...)

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