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Laboratoire Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques (MPQ)

Lab. MPQ, UMR 7162 of CNRS / University Paris Diderot - Paris 7, Paris, France

Nonlinear Optical Devices (DON)

Main contact: Giuseppe Leo Other contacts: Ivan Favero
Research activities:
The Non-linear Optical Devices (DON) team’s research activity focuses on the design and study of innovative (...)

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Quantum information and Technologies (QITE)

Main contact: Perola Milman Other contacts: Sara Ducci Luca Guidoni Thomas Coudreau
Research activities:
The counter intuitive properties of quantum mechanics, as entanglement, for instance, (...)

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Theory - MPQ

Main contact: Cristiano Ciuti
Research activities:
The group THEORIE at MPQ is interested in the study of new quantum systems and in the exploration of unconventional regimes in condensed (...)

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