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French-Taiwanese summer school on quantum information, May 13-16 2011, Sun Moon Lake, Nantou, Taiwan

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- Registration deadline: May 1, 2011

- Introduction

Quantum Information Science (QIS) is an emerging research and education frontier that has generated a great deal of interest and stimulated novel potential applications in the last decade. It combines and draws the disciplines of physical science, mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Its aim is to understand how certain fundamental laws of quantum physics can be harnessed to dramatically improve the storage, processing and transmission of information. Quantum physics, information theory, and computer science are among the crowning intellectual achievements of the past century.

- The purpose of this Event is three-fold:

1. To continue the success of the schools on ’Quantum Information Science’ held annually in Taiwan , supported by National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS).

2. To promote and enhance the interaction between France and Taiwan sides.

3. To exchange the most recent development in theories and in experimental techniques and observations in the field of quantum information science and quantum measurements in both sides.

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