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Some pictures taken during IQFA8 @ UCA

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Some pictures taken during IQFA8 @ UCA

- You can find in the following some pictures, that have been taken during the 8th colloquium of the GDR at the University Côte d’Azur. They are available for download.

Tutorial talks, Flagship, ANR, and closing sessions
Tuto QMET - VJ
Flagship session - TD
Tuto QPAC - GZ
Tuto QSIM - CS
Tuto QCOM - NL
Tuto QCOM - ED & NL
Tuto FQA - SP
Tuto FQA Being SP - ST
ANR session - ND & AK
ANR session - EG
Closing session - ST
Invited talks
Talk QMET - BA
Talk QPAC - BR
Talk QCOM - NM
Talk QCOM - BF
Talk QCOM - PV
FQA Talk - JM
Poster sessions
Poster session 1.1
Poster session 1.2
Poster session 1.3
Poster session 1.4
Poster session 2.1
Poster session 2.2
Poster session 2.3
Poster session 2.4
Poster session 2.5
Poster session 2.6
Audience buffet
The audience
The buffet