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Single Photon Workshop 2015, July 13-17 2015, University of Geneva, Switzerland)

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Single Photon Workshop 2015
Detectors, Sources, Metrology and Applications

The University of Geneva is pleased to announce the Single-Photon Workshop 2015, the seventh and latest instalment in a series of workshops on single-photon technologies and applications.

Paper submission is now open and we invite you to submit papers in the following and related topics:

- Single-photon detectors:

  • SPADs;
  • Superconducting detectors;
  • Detector arrays;
  • Photon-number resolving detectors.

- Single-photon sources:

  • Single-photon sources; e.g. heralded SPDC, NV centers, quantum dots;
  • Entangled photon-pair sources.

- Metrology:

  • Characterisation of detectors and sources;
  • Sensing;
  • Weak measurements.

- Applications of single photon technologies:

  • Quantum communications; e.g. quantum key distribution, teleportation;
  • Quantum random number generators;
  • Biology/Chemistry; e.g. fluorescence spectroscopy, singlet-oxygen detection;
  • Telecom; e.g. photon-counting communication, instrumentation;
  • Imaging; e.g. LIDAR, astronomy.

For more information, list of invited speakers and details on paper submission, please visit the conference website: Single Photon Workshop 2015

Paper submission deadline: April 20th 2015

We look forward to seeing you in Geneva!

On behalf of the organisation committee,
Boris Korzh and Hugo Zbinden