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Presentations of IQFA’X Colloquium at CNRS Headquarters available for download

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- You can find below all the presentations (tutorial lectures, invited and contributed talks, that have been given during the IQFA’X colloquium held at the CNRS Headquarters. They are available for download. You can find all the details of this colloquium by following this website’s link IQFA’X @ CNRS.

- Program and Book of Abstracts of the colloquium

IQFA’X Program
IQFA’X Book of Abstracts

- These presentations are outlined per Investigated Thematics (ARTs). The tittles of the presentations are preceded by the acronym of their related ART(s).

For more information on the ARTs, please follow this link ART.

ART Fundamental Quantum Aspects - FQA
FQA - Tutorial lecture "Device-independent quantum information processing", Antonio Acin (ICFO, Barcelona, Spain)
FQA - Contributed talk "Photon bunching in a rotating reference frame", Sara Restuccia (Uni. Glasgow, UK)
FQA - Contributed talk "Quantum microwaves with a DC-biased Josephson junction", Ambroise Peugeot (CEA Saclay, France)
FQA - Contributed talk "Quantum storage of one photon and two photon Fock states for generation of non-classical state of light", Benjamin Pointard (LCF, IOGS, CNRS, Uni. Paris Saclay, France)
ART Quantum Simulation - QSIM & ART Quantum Communication & Cryptography - QCOM
QSIM/QCOM Tutorial lecture "Pure quantum light in the solid-state", Pascale Senellart (C2N, CNRS, Uni. Paris Saclay, France)
QSIM/QCOM Invited talk "Continuous Variables Quantum Complex networks", Valentina Parigi (LKB, Sorbonne Uni., CNRS, France)
ART Quantum Communication & Cryptography - QCOM
QCOM - Tutorial Lecture "Trapped ions for quantum networks", Tracy Northup (Institute Exp. Physics, Uni. Innsbruck, Austria)
QCOM - Tutorial Lecture "Quantum-safe cryptography, From Research to Industry", Grégoire Ribordy (ID Quantique, CH)
QCOM - Invited Talk "2D material enabled quantum networks and superconducting quantum detectors", Dimitri Efetov (ICFO, Barcelona, Spain)
QCOM - Contributed Talk "QCoSOne: a Prototype System for Daylight Free-Space Quantum Key Distribution at Telecom Wavelength", Matteo Schiavon (LIP6, Sorbonne Uni., CNRS, France)
QCOM - Contributed Talk "Self-testing - A trustworthy certification tool for quantum communications", Nicolas Sangouard (Uni. Basel, CH)
QCOM - Contributed Talk "Quantum protocols: introducting the zoo and using it", Harold Ollivier (LIP6, Sorbonne Uni., CNRS, France)
QCOM - Contributed Talk "High-quality entanglement on a silicon chip", Dorian Oser (C2N, CNRS, Uni. Paris Saclay, France)
ART Quantum Metrology & Sensing - QMET
QMET - Invited Talk "Quantum-enhanced sensing using non-classical spin states of a highly magnetic atom", Sylvain Nascimbene (Collège de France, LKB, ENS, Sorbonne Uni., PSL, CNRS, France)
QMET - Contributed Talk "High-sensitivity inertial measurements by cold-atom interferometry", Rémi Geiger (SYRTE, Obs. Paris, PSL, Sorbonne Uni., CNRS, France)
QMET - Contributed Talk "An irreversible qubit-photon coupling for the detection of itinerant microwave photons", Emanuele Albertinale (CEA Saclay, France)
QMET - Contributed Talk "Tracking enzyme activity with quantum light", L. Toraille (LAC, CNRS, Université Paris Sud, France) - Invited Talk "Quantum-enhanced sensing using non-classical spin states of a highly magnetic atom", Valeria Cimini (Uni. Roma Tre, Italy)
ART Quantum Processing, Algorithms, & Computation - QPAC
QPAC - Tutorial Lecture "Quantum algorithms: an overview", Ashley Montanaro (Uni. Bristol, UK)
QPAC - Tutorial Lecture "(Towards) quantum error correction with trapped ions", Jonathan Home (ETH Zürich, CH)
QPAC - Contributed Talk "Quantum error correction on a qubit encoded in a microwave resonator", Philippe Campagne-Ibarcq (Yale Uni., USA)
QPAC - Contributed Talk "Remote spin entanglement in semiconductor circuits", Baptiste Jadot (Institut Néel, CNRS, Uni. Grenoble Alpes, France)
QPAC - Contributed Talk "Transform-limited photons from a coherent tin-vacancy spin in diamond", Benjamin Pingault (Uni. Cambridge, UK)