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Plasmonique moléculaire et nanophotochimie

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on

Contact principal : Renaud Bachelot
Autres contacts : Jérôme Plain
Sylvain Blaize
Gilles Lérondel
Davy Gérard
Christophe Couteau

Description des activités de recherche :

The Laboratory of Nanotechnology, Instrumentation and Optics (LNIO) aims for the field of nano-optics, which addresses a number of technological, scientific and socio-economic challenges. Researchers at LNIO are working on new concepts and approaches, developing both innovative instrumentation and nanocharacterization and nanomanufacturing methods. Covering fields such as energy (lighting, photovoltaics, etc.), telecommunications, data storage, health and security, key socio-economic challenges are addressed through multidisciplinary research focus areas: plasmonics, integrated optics, optoelectronics, new spectroscopies and microscopies, multiphysics modeling, multi-functional nanosensors, nanobiophotonics and nanomaterials for photonics, quantum optics, photochemistry and photophysics.
LNIO also contributes to research carried out within the scope of the core interfaculty focus of Risk Management Science and Technologies (CNRS Joint Research Unit 6281). LNIO’s work mainly concerns the study and development of micro-/nanosensors dedicated to the observation and surveillance of complex systems and their environments (detection and identification of physical and biochemical components). Efforts within this framework cover such fields as optical marking, optical information security and energy risks. In addition to upstream activities, the laboratory’s teams are also engaged in developing commercial applications for technology generated through the University’s research efforts, working in close collaboration with industry.
Furthermore, the laboratory is a key partner to the regional NANOMAT platform, dedicated to nanomanufacturing and nanocharacterization of materials, which ultimately aims to establish a profile at national and international level.

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