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Lyon BEC 2012 "Theory of Quantum Gases and Quantum Coherence"

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Lyon BEC 2012 "Theory of Quantum Gases and Quantum Coherence"

June 5-8, 2012

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Lyon, France

- This workshop is dedicated to theoretical challenges in the field of cold quantum gases, with a strong connection to condensed matter, and it is especially targeted to a junior audience. The present one is its 6th edition, after Levico (2001), Salerno (2003), Cortona (2005), Grenoble (2008), and Nice (2010).

- The workshop has been recognized as "Ecole Thématique CNRS" for 2012. We strongly encourage CNRS members to register.

- The workshop topics will include:

  • ultracold fermions
  • low-dimensional gases
  • disordered cold gases
  • atom interferometry and quantum metrology
  • quantum simulations
  • Bose-Einstein condensation in condensed matter
  • etc.

- This workshop will be structured along 6 topical lectures, delivered by

  • A. Aspect (Palaiseau, F)
  • S. Stringari (Trento, I)
  • A. Georges (Palaiseau, F)
  • M. Oberthaler (Heidelberg, D)
  • T. Jolicoeur (Orsay, F)
  • L. Pitaevskii (Trento, I)

- a special invited session on Bose-Einstein Condensation in Condensed Matter

  • Le Si Dang (Grenoble, F)
  • C. Rüegg (Villigen, CH)
  • C. Batista (Los Alamos, USA)
  • V. Savona (Lausanne, CH)

- and along invited talks. -Confirmed invited speakers include-

  • M. Zaccanti (Innsbruck, A)
  • K. van Houcke (Ghent, B)
  • J. Levinsen (Cambridge, UK)
  • G. Bertaina (Lausanne, CH)
  • N. Fabbri (Sesto Fiorentino, I)
  • P. Barmettler (Geneva, CH)
  • M. Dalmonte (Innsbruck, A)
  • F. Crépin (Orsay, F)
  • F. Piazza (Munich, D)
  • T. Langen (Vienna, A)
  • C. Muschik (Castelldefels, E)
  • O. Romero-Isart (Munich, D)
  • L. Tarruell (Zürich, CH)
  • M. Chenau (Munich, D)
  • N. Goldman (Brussels, B)
  • D. Porras (Madrid, E)

- The participation to the workshop is free of charges, and it is limited to about 80 participants. Lodging and meals will be covered by the organization.

- Registration

- A conference poster can be downloaded at this address:

We would be grateful to you if you could spread the information among your colleagues.

Looking forward to hosting you in Lyon,

- The organizers

  • T. Roscilde (Lyon, F)
  • E. Orignac (Lyon, F)
  • A. Minguzzi (Grenoble, F)
  • F. Chevy (Paris, F)
  • R. Citro (Salerno, I)
  • A. Recati (Trento, I)

View online : LYON BEC 2012