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Ordinateur Quantique, Calculs & Algorithmes - QPAC

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- Responsables

Omar Fawzi & Anthony Leverrier

- Objectif de l’axe

Quantum computing has been identified as one of the the long-term goals of quantum technology, with a game-changer potential in high-performance computing calculation. It is also the most stringent goal in term of the manipulation of individual quantum objects. Indeed, it relies on the coherent control and entanglement of a very large assembly of qubits, each of them with very high fidelity quantum functionalities. Understanding how to exploit and how to control the massive produced quantum parallelism is the subject of intense theoretical and experimental efforts. It requires a wide-range of skills, involving quantum manipulation, large data management, large-scale integration and control, quantum algorithmic and programming. Nowadays, many quantum hardware platforms are explored in atomic physics (ion and atomic trap), photonics and solid-state systems (electron and nuclear spins, superconducting circuits….), with the involvement of both the academic and industrial world.