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Condensat de Bose-Einstein

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on , updated on

Contact principal : Hélène Perrin
Autres contacts : Aurélien Perrin

Description des activités de recherche :

The Bose-Einstein Condensation of dilute atomic gases is the subject of intense studies since its first demonstration in 1995. Our experimental studies in this field concern building anisotropic atomic traps with the objective of reaching the quantum degeneracy in lower dimensions and unusual geometry.

Quantum gases in low dimensions
We study the superfluid dynamics of two-dimensional quantum gases in a very smooth magnetic trap dressed with rf radiation. In particular, we have observed the wave function of the first collective modes through Principal Component Analysis and identified the normal to superfluid boundary inside an inhomogeneous gas through their different dynamics.

Superfluid rotating in a ring geometry
We study superfluid flow in an annular geometry where persitent currents are allowed. The ring trap results from a combination of a magnetic bubble trap with a vertical standing light wave, which gives access to low-dimensional geometries.

Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of quantum gases
A new experiment with sodium atoms trapped by an atom chip is under construction in the group, with the aim of studying out-of-equilibrium dynamics after a rapid change of the gas parameters.

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